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What is Lucere?

Lucere is a .NET search engine based on the best-in-breed Java library Lucene. Lucere is a complete rewrite which is optimized for the .NET environment. It's developed in the C# programming language. For more information visit the Documentation or the FAQ.

Current Status

Please check out our preliminary development roadmap. We are currently in ‘Phase One: Porting Lucene 3.0.2’ working on ‘Stage One: Contracts and Tests’. We are still in the early stages and have a lot of work ahead of us, so if this project is interesting to you now is the time to get involved!

Get Involved

This is an open source project for the .NET community. We want stay engaged with the community and make sure Lucere develops into something of real value and stays vital because of your contributions. Your involvement is essential. Send an email with thoughts, ideas, code, patches, donations, or anything that you feel you have to offer the project. All feedback and communication is welcome.

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