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Project Overview

Lucere is a .NET search engine based on Lucene, but re-written from the ground up for the .Net environment. You can see the current project goals in the roadmap.

What is Lucene?

Lucene is a popular indexing and search library for Java. It allows users to analyze and store content in indexes, which allows for fast and scalable search.

What about Lucene.Net?

There is an existing project, Lucene.Net, which is a line-for-line syntactic port of the Java project. Lucere departs from this methodology, and starting with the Lucene.Net 3.0.2 codebase, is re-imagining this library for use in the .NET environment.

What's in a name?

The original Java project, named Lucene, was named after the author's wife's middle name. When we started this port, we wanted to choose a name similar to the original project to show it's alignment with that project, but also be different in a substantial way.

Lucere is the Latin root for the English words ‘lucent’ which means "bright and radiant". It is likely that the Latin root is the root and meaning of the name Lucene as well. We felt this was a good representation of what we're trying to accomplish. Lucere is the Latin root of ‘lucent’, so it carries the same conceptual meaning, but is written in a different language. Spelling and pronunciation aside, the words are almost the same. However, saying ‘lucere’ to an English speaker or saying ‘lucent’ to a Latin speaker would get raised eyebrows, regardless of the situation. The language used should be appropriate for the end user.

We hope to accomplish the same thing with this library. We want to create a conceptual port of Lucene for the .NET world, as an alternative to the (awesome) syntactic port that the Lucene.Net project has already accomplished. A syntactic port, in our language analogy provided above, is equivalent to a language that borrows words from another, rather than simply having the same meaning represented in a native word. We want a native expression of Lucene for .Net. One which uses .NET's idioms, and is optimized as deeply as possible for performance and ease of use on the .NET platform.


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