Lucere 1.0 alpha - Implementation of Lucene 3.0.2

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Updated: Nov 15, 2010 by thoward
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Release Notes

This is the last milestone for our initial release.

In this milestone you will find:

Implementations of the code contracts put forth in the previous milestone, organized into the following projects:
  • lucere.defintion - Interfaces/Enums/Exceptions
  • - Disk Layer (mostly maps to what is in Lucene.Store)
  • lucere.entity - Domain Entity classes (mostly maps to what is in Lucene.Document)
  • - Reader/Writer classes (mostly maps to what is in Lucene.Index)
  • lucere.analysis - Analyzers/Queries/Parsers/Filters/Collectors/Scorers/Etc (mostly maps to what is in Lucene.Analysis, some of Lucene.Search)
  • lucere.service - Searcher classes (and any additional top level APIs we write that don't already exist for searching)
  • lucere.toolkit - Utility classes (mostly maps to what is in Lucene.Util)
  • lucere.test - Unit tests and mocks

The expected release date for this milestone is 12/12/2010.