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Lucere IRC Channel

The official IRC channel for the Lucere project is located on the freenode network, in #lucere.

There are a number of IRC clients available, including Pidgin. Directions for this client are outlined below.

If you do not wish to install a separate program, there is a web based client available at Simply choose a nickname, and then enter #lucere in the channels list.

To setup Pidgin for Lucere's IRC channel do this:
  1. Download and install Pidgin for your OS
  2. Go to the Accounts Menu and select Manage Accounts
  3. Click 'Add...' button
  4. From the Protocol dropdown, select "IRC"
  5. In Username, type in whatever nickname you want to display. This can be anything.
  6. In Server, if it isn't already, make sure it's or
  7. Don't worry about the password.
  8. Click "Add", then exit out of the windows you were in, back to the main Pidgin window.
  9. Go to the Buddies Menu and select "Join a chat"
  10. From Account drop down, select the account you just made (if you don't already use Pidgin, it should default to that account since it's the only one).
  11. In Channel type "#lucere" (no quotes), then click Join

The channel is currently being logged, so conversations can be referenced in the future. A web interface for these logs will be available soon.

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